The Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of the Association des Morin d'Amérique is the first to have been granted  to a family association in the Province of Quebec by the Canadian Heraldic Authority at Rideau Hall, Ottawa. on May, the 18th, 1994; as entered in Volume II, page 325, in the public register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.

GOLD denotes generosity, courage and perseverance.

BLUE-GRAY the color of political science symbolizes the  outstanding contribution of MORINS to municipal, provincial and federal politics.

HEADS OF WHEAT symbolize agriculture and pay tribute to our ancestors who were for the most part land, clearers and farmers. They also represent the 8 founding Morin couples who settled in Nouvelle-France before the Treaty of Paris.

The CROSS is a reference to the first Canadian priest and the first Ville-Marie nun born in Nouvelle-France who both came from MORIN families.

The (8) EIGHT FLEURS DE LYS symbolize two things: First, that our ancestors mostly came from France; and second,  that eight of these families still have descendants in America.

DECIDE AND ACCOMPLISH ( décide et accomplis ) encourages reflexion, perfection and achievement.

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